Customers expect more. People want information faster. Employees are mobile and want to use their own devices without compromising security or user experience. Cloud computing is changing how data is stored and shared. These and other trends and demands are fundamentally affecting the way you do business.

As MBIT Japan is strategically partnered with key infrastructure vendors. We can provide solutions that optimize data centers and computer rooms to help customers increase agility and optimize operational efficiency.

Leveraging the strategic partnerships MBIT Japan has built, helps customers manage risk within the physical infrastructure by intelligently converging physical and logical systems. Collaborating to provide a unified data center solution that delivers:

    • Simplified, intelligent data center planning through converged systems and best practices
    • Operational efficiency through upfront design consideration of power, cooling, space, and industry standards requirements
    • Business agility through flexible and scalable architectures.

By extending and converging the business infrastructure across all core systems, we provide customers with a smarter, unified business infrastructure.

These solutions and others, are tailored to meet your business requirements and budgets. Matched with our technical project management, making sure your infrastructure project is implemented on time, within budget and risks minimized.

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Project Management

To be a winner in today’s competitive environment, organizations must operate as competently as possible in order to deliver goods and services faster, cheaper and better than their competitors. Competent project management capabilities are critical to success in this challenging environment.

Whether you have a straightforward project or a program consisting of multiple related initiatives, there is a requirement for efficiency in executing and managing the required tasks to achieve the desired outcome. But often, companies do not have the required skills, resources or bandwidth to manage the work. In fact, over ½ of all projects are late, over budget or have a reduced scope and outcome. These companies will benefit from an outside expert organization providing this capability.

MBIT Japan provides the technical project management expertise necessary for a successful project. We offer the understanding and experience to manage small to even the most complex infrastructure projects based on your requirements. With over 20 years experience in managing infrastructure builds and deployments for telecommunications providers and businesses. MBIT Japan has a unique combination of engineering and project management, ensuring the cost, time and communication efficiencies.

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Support Services

All IT departments have operational strengths and gaps, so we have the IT support service solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of your continually evolving IT infrastructure.

By reinforcing the strengths and closing the gaps, our goal is to help increase personnel productivity, reduce downtime, streamlining operational work-flows and processes, providing greater control and security over IT assets. With an aim for better Return On Investment (ROI) and efficiency of your IT infrastructure.

As an IT solutions provider experienced in network & system operations, we focus on operational efficiencies and cost reductions for its clients' IT environment.

The founder of MBIT Japan started in operations for Internet Service Providers and telecommunications providers, over 22 years ago. And still heavily involved in network & systems operations. Along with engineering and support best practices, provides a solid background to ensuring proactive, professional and passionate support is provided to your business.

Matched with proactive monitoring services of your infrastructure, we can ensure downtime is kept to a minimum, your personnel productivity will increase and business profitability will improve.

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